What if you could change your dreams?

What if you could turn nightmare monsters into friends?

What if your friends could take you to places where there is treasure?

Dream-Wizard.com is all about discovering everything that you dreams could be...

The Dream Wizard is a series of bedtime stories that plant the seeds of hanging your dreams. If you have nightmares of if your child has nightmares - READ THIS BOOK !

Author: Alex Randall

Alex Randall is a teacher, writer, newscaster and the creator of America's first e-commerce business - the Boston Computer Exchange. He is Professor of Communication at the University of the Virgin Islands and the "Good News Guy" on WSTA radio. He has advanced degrees form Princeton and Columbia Universities and wrote his doctoral thesis for Margaret Mead on dream telepathy. Dr. Randall spent years teaching all over the world. He lives in a dream house on a dream island with his pediatrician wife Beverly and their children: Sander, Rose, Marshall, Grace and Nina and their dog Nicodemus - the re-born spirit of his old dog Rem.


The Dream Wizard - Conquers His Knight Mare



Hardcover: 94 pages
Size: 8.5 x 11
Publisher: Xlibris (2007)
ISBN: 1-4257-8354-6
ISBN-13: 978-1-4257-8354-9


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Dream Wizard Conquers His Knight Mare
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