Dream Wizard

Book Description

The Dream Wizard Conquers His Knight Mare is a fantasy adventure in which our hero, Sandy, tackles the weeds in his garden by running off on a series of adventures to find the some “magic” to get rid of his problem. Traveling with his trusty dog Rem, Sandy struggles, blunders and stumbles in pursuit of an easy fix, all the while being given wisdoms and insights that he fails to grasp. He wanders through the State Fair, flies in a balloon to Clara Mee, who Clairifies everything – or was it nothing? He confronts the Sapiential Circle in the City of the Future and is sent by trance-formation to Oz Mound in the Sea of Mare Lynn where old Grey teaches him balance in nature and delivers him to the depths of darkness. In the lower world he confronts his nemesis in a pitched battle and loses – only to arise in “knight school” where Reed Sundance teaches him how to reformulate his nightmares and turn enemies into friends. Sandy discovers he can confront his enemy with love and this chances everything – and leads him to discover that his nightmare weeds are really flowers, herbs and other friendly plants.Amid COVID, economic shutdown, and racism, there are a lot of reasons why people are having nightmares. Alex Randall’s new book, Dream Wizard Conquers his Knight Mare is a fantasy adventure story that plants the seed of ideas to get rid of nightmares. Most people wake up wishing nightmare would go away or dismiss it as “only a dream.” But what if you could change it? What if you could beat the monster, or fly instead of fall or find the right classroom and ace the exam… Wouldn’t that be cool? And get rid of the nightmare too.

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