Dream Wizard: Escapes!

Book Description

Kids have nightmares, and in the era of COVID grown-ups are having night mares too. Most people wake up wishing the nightmare would go away or dismiss it as “only a dream” But what if you could change it? What if you could beat the monster, or fly instead of fall or find the right classroom and ace the exam… Wouldn’t that be cool? And get rid of the nightmare too. 

Here comes the Dream Wizard, a set of bedtime stories that tweener readers will adore and read on their own or some parents will read to children as a bedtime story. The books are chock full of action and magic and funny characters. The Dream Wizard books have cool ideas woven into the tale that plant seeds to change your nightmares forever. 

Randall’s Dream Wizard book series takes readers on adventures that are led by a charming fellow named Sandy and his Border Collie dogs. In one book sandy has a garden with weeds and he goes on a magical adventure to ‘rid the world of weeds’ only to get ensnarled in the roots of things and has to dream his way out.  

In the second of the series, Sandy is kidnapped and his trusty dog is front stage leading the charge for Sandy’s escape. And the third is all about Sandy’s adventure with pirates and discovering how to fly and find treasure. 

Woven through each story are dream meeting with other kids at Knight School where Reed Sundance has words of wisdom about how to change dreams. The books are written for a tween reader but older kids will find them enchanting like Harry Potter and any adult who reads the story to younger children as a bedtime story will find themselves rereading it and using the ideas to change their own nightmares. 

In this era with virus, and lockdowns, lots of people are cooped up and there are lots of nightmares.  

Now here is a book set that will change how you look at nightmares and change how they end. 

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